‘IT: Chapter 2’ Fan Trailer Turns Chris Pratt & Jessica Chastain Into Losers

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While it remains to be seen what will end up being the biggest horror hit of 2018, there’s one towering early contender for that title in 2019: IT: Chapter 2. The first IT made roughly a gazillion dollars, and was loved by most, creating big expectations for the sequel.

Bill Skarsgard is headed back to play Pennywise once again, and director Andy Muschietti is expected to return as well. Unclear at the moment though is who will play the adult Losers’ Club in the second half of King’s epic tale of friendship and fear.

The closest thing to a lock is Jessica Chastain, who is close friends with Muschietti, looks the part of adult Bev, and has expressed interest in the role. Various fan castings are floating around the net for the male Losers, but none are a reflection of reality.

Until the cast is confirmed though, fans will continue to dream about what might be to come in IT: Chapter 2. In fact, a new fan-made (by Youtuber P. Parker) concept trailer for the sequel casts a group of notable actors in the lead roles.

The concept trailer (found below) includes the following actors: Jessica Chastain as Beverly, Patrick Wilson as Bill, Chris Pratt as Ben, Joseph Gordon Levitt as Stanley, Bill Hader as Richie, Jake Gyllenhaal as Eddie, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as “lighthouse keeper” Mike.

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