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Have Fun With Pennywise At The ‘It: Chapter 2″ Experience Festival

by Jacob Davison

Who doesn’t love a carnival? Rides. Games. Killer clowns. That’s right. With It: Chapter 2 coming soon, Warner Brothers has decided to do another interactive scare event much like “The Neibolt House” a couple years back in Hollywood. In this case, The Derry Canal Days Festival set in Derry, Maine. The main location of It and where the shapeshifting horror that is “Pennywise The Dancing Clown” dwells.

Image via IMDB

According to the teaser and website, the It Experience Chapter 2 will be bringing the festival to life. Complete with carnival games and “10 immersive and terrifying interactive spaces” along with appearances by Pennywise itself in the shapeshifting monster’s forms.

A teaser for The It Experience Chapter 2 has been released featuring the cast of It comprising The Loser’s Club giving an idea fo the fun and fear to come at the festival. Also mentioning that the funhouse will delve into locations featured in It Chapter 2 such as the underground sewers of Derry where Pennywise stalks his victims.

Image via IMDB

The festival will be running from August 15th through September 8th, leading to the release of It: Chapter 2 on September 6th. Ticket reservations seemed to be fully booked for now, but the website says there will be a walk-up line for those without reservations who want to tangle with Pennywise. So, if you want to make the trip out to Derry for a hell of a party, come on out to Hollywood and Vine this August!

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