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‘IT’ Actor Reprising Georgie Denbrough Role in ‘Georgie’

by David N. Grove

What if Georgie Denbrough hadn’t been murdered by Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the IT universe?  If Georgie had survived, what would his life look like today?

This is the premise of the upcoming short film Georgie, which is being co-written and produced by John Campopiano, who is currently in post-production on the feature-length documentary film project Pennywise: The Story of IT.  Ryan Grulich is directing Georgie, which stars Tony Dakota, the actor who portrayed Georgie Denbrough in the 1990 IT miniseries.

Campopiano says that his inspiration for Georgie came after Campopiano interviewed Dakota for the IT documentary.  “Tony has aspirations for returning to acting, and after working with him on his interview, I felt that it could be compelling to bring Tony back to the screen as Georgie Denbrough,” says the Boston-based Campopiano.  “I pitched the idea to both him and my contact in Seattle.  Since May, we’ve been working on a script, and I feel that we now have an exciting and spooky script.”

Campopiano says that Georgie will explore what Georgie Denbrough’s world would look like today had he escaped death and managed to live some semblance of a normal life in the not-so-normal town of Derry.  “The story of Georgie is, essentially, a fever dream in which we’re transported back to the Denbrough household and the world of Sharon Denbrough, Bill and Georgie’s mother,” says Campopiano.  “It’s full of twists and relies heavily on imagery.  With the exception of one line, there is no dialogue.”

Campopiano aims to shoot Georgie in mid-November and release the film digitally in early 2019.  “Our goal for Georgie is to get it into film festivals and, eventually, stream it for fans worldwide,” says Campopiano.  “With the newfound interest in IT, thanks to Andy Muscietti’s film, and fresh offerings of new Stephen King-based films and series, we feel confident that the time is right for this Georgie project.  In addition, because Tony Dakota has been off the radar for nearly twenty-five years, we feel that fans will soak up this blast of nostalgia and enjoy seeing him return to the screen again.”

To cover the cost of producing Georgie, Campopiano and Grulich have launched a crowd-funding campaign (click here).  “A few weeks ago, we launched a modest Indiegogo campaign to help us raise some funds to make the project a reality, and we have about ten days left,” says Campopiano, who says the running time for Georgie will be between four and five minutes.  “Our goal for that campaign is flexible, and we’re poised to make the film regardless of what we bring in.”

A teaser trailer for Georgie can be viewed here.  For more information about Georgie, click here to visit the website for Creepy Kingdom, the production company behind Georgie.



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