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Written by Patti Pauley

The September 8th world premiere of the IT 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s horror masterpiece is a mere 50 days away folks and I didn’t think I could be more excited until upon hearing the latest comments from author Joe Hill on the anticipated, upcoming film. And man, of man guys. We are really in for a treat.

Normally I would take this kind of comment with a grain of salt however because it’s coming from the son of Stephen King himself, this is one hell of an endorsement. Hill, the author of “Locke & Key” recently admitted seeing a screener of the new IT movie during a Q & A session about the upcoming HULU adaptation of said graphic novel. Andres Mushietti, director of IT 2017, is also helming the Locke & Key pilot and Joe Hill couldn’t be more thrilled as he states in the video seen below. Hill calls Muschietti’s IT vision one of THE top five scariest movies he’s ever laid eyes on; right behind such horror classics as Jaws, The Exorcist, The Thing (1982), and Let the Right One In.



Alongside this massive endorsement, things are heating up at SDCC with director Muschietti night in attendance last night premiering not one but TWO exclusive clips from the film along with a brand new trailer that won’t be available to the public until sometime next week. I envy you SDCC goers. I envy a lot.


Stay tuned for more coverage on the latest from Stephen King’s IT! In the meantime here’s that horrifying extended trailer again, because seeing it once just isn’t enough.