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‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ Series in Development at Gunpowder & Sky’s Dust

by Waylon Jordan

Dust, the sci-fi label of Gunpowder & Sky, is developing a series based on H.G. Wells’s The Island of Dr. Moreau. Titled Moreau the series will move the action of the novel to a modern setting and will be written by X-Men: First Class scribe Zack Stentz.

The show will focus on Dr. Jessica Moreau, a scientist whose work catches the attention of a billionaire willing to stop at nothing to advance human evolution.

“The double helix wasn’t even a twinkle in Watson & Crick’s eye when H.G. Wells first wrote The Island of Dr. Moreau, but his 1896 novel proved astonishingly prescient about how unlocking the secrets of DNA would open the door to humanity playing God with the natural world in strange and frightening ways,” Stentz said in a statement quoted by Deadline. “And now, in the shadow of the CRISPR revolution, it felt like the perfect time to revisit Moreau and bring it into our own 21st Century world of transgenic animals, designer babies and other scientific advances Wells never could have dreamed of. I’m delighted to be working with Eric, Geoff & the Gunpowder & Sky team to welcome a whole new generation to the good doctor’s terrifying island.”

“Zack took a time-honored classic and brought it into the 21st century,” added Eric Bromberg, SVP, Gunpowder & Sky. “Together, we’re creating a story that’s scarily befitting of today’s world, filled with seemingly limitless, and oftentimes alarming, scientific advancements. Frankenstein and Doudna have nothing on Jessica Moreau.”

Wells’s novel has been adapted numerous times, but this will be the first time anyone has attempted to turn it into a long-form series.

Considering how some of those past adaptations have gone, all eyes will definitely be on Moreau when it debuts.

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