Is This a UFO Caught on Google Maps?

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A mysterious object was spotted among the clouds over Florida by an astute internet explorer looking through images on Google Maps.

According to Fox News, the spot where the image was captured is located near the infamous Bermuda Triangle. 

Upon closer examination, the object appears to be nestled in-between the clouds, but the object is fractured due to stitching issues, making it hard to identify.

The colorful speck is also hard to scale in relation to the landscape although it appears to be hovering over the treeline.  

The snapshot was taken at the Big Cypress National Preserve in South Florida on the fringe of the Bermuda Triangle, a place many still think is a place full of supernatural powers. 

The Triangle has been the subject of many books and movies which document the existence of UFOs and strange disappearances. 

This picture was posted inside Reddit and labled a “UFO Sighting.”

That claim is not shared by everyone, one person saying it’s only the partial image of a butterfly. 

In the next shot, the image is gone which might mean the butterfly was in transit therefore captured mid flight

Whatever the case may be, it’s an interesting find and we want to know what you think.

Has Earth been visited by beings from another planet? And do they return to check up on people who they have visited in the past? 

Let us know.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.

H/T Fox News

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