Is Google Earth Aiding the Government in Hiding Proof of Aliens and UFOs?

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Google Earth is always hard at work updating images, documenting the changing face of the planet, giving anyone who logs on the freedom to scan the entire globe from their favorite comfy chair at home.

Well, mostly…

According to a recent article on 1428 Elm, it seems that there’s one location that Google Earth hasn’t updated in 8 years!

The Tonopah Test Range lies in the heart of Nevada only 70 miles from Groom Dry Lake–more commonly known as Area 51–which may be the most famous site of possible alien contact in the known world.

Many conspiracy theorists will tell you, however, that Area 51 is only a front for the actual location of alien-human contact which is, you guessed it, Tonopah Test Range, a site than has long been used as a research site for some of the U.S. military’s most top secret projects.

The news that of this “blind spot” on Google Maps was brought to the public’s attention when Nick Pope, one of the world’s leading experts on aliens and UFOs and former head of the British government’s UFO research program, spoke on the subject during an interview with Fox News.

Could it be that Google Earth has been working with the U.S. government to conceal information about contact with alien species and UFOs, or is it simply that the government has restricted access to the area?

One can never tell.

It is certainly likely that the government is using the space for highly sensitive testing and the development of new technologies, but could it be that the U.S. government is developing these new gadgets with the aid of alien technology a la Independence Day?

It is also interesting that shortly after Pope’s interview, they released new images of Tonopah.

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