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Good Times On The Set Of ‘Into The Dark: Good Boy’

by Jacob Davison

Blumhouse’s Hulu monthly holiday themed anthology of movies continues this June with Good Boy, directed by The Tragedy Girls‘ Tyler MacIntyre just in time for Pet Appreciation Day! This new holiday horror follows a journalist named Maggie (Played by Halloween 2018’s Judy Greer) who has fallen on hard times and is up to her neck in stress. She gets an emotional support dog named Reuben who does wonders in alleviating her anxiety… by slaughtering anybody who stresses her out!

I was fortunate enough to visit the set of Good Boy back in January well before lockdown and see the beastly butchery in action. Also want to give a possible SPOILER ALERT as we go behind the scenes. Nothing that gives away too much of the fun, but I would recommend watching the movie on Hulu first before checking out what went on the making of the mayhem.

First off, we got to sit down with the film’s director, Tyler MacIntyre. Cutting to the core of the story, such as how dogs (particularly on the west coast) have become fashion accessories and trendy, to the point of an entire culture built around them becoming status symbols. Which also explains a recurring set in the story at a puppy cafe. MacIntyre also discussing how Good Boy satirizes pet culture and sought to showcase a character like Maggie allocating the stress of her life onto her dog. When I asked the balance of comedy and horror in the movie, he responded “About 60/40?” discussing the balancing act of comedy and horror in a movie such as this and wanting to keep the scares coming along with the laughs.

Image via Hulu

Speaking with Judy Greer, who was covered in fake blood at the time, the lead actress talked about how being a rescue pet owner herself, she was drawn to the project and the writers Aaron and Will Eisenberg sought her out specifically. She loves her own terrier, but insists that it terrorizes everyone around her! Definitely making it relatable to the story of Good Boy. When asked what the appeal of the story was to her and the audience she said she liked the struggle of the character of Maggie in order to have control of her life while dealing with the horror comedy action. Judy also mentioning her time working with Wes Craven, saying that with the sheer amount of blood in the movie, that he would approve. And Wes Craven’s tendency to work on a crossword even while directing ample amounts of gore. Plus, the timeliness of odd emotional support animals even in real life. She also discussed working with practical FX in the film, noting that it’s easier to act with actual fake blood and monsters that are actually there, as opposed to CGI prominent films where she had to interact with tennis balls.

Image by Jacob Davison

We even had the chance to talk with Chico, the dog actor playing the adorably monstrous Reuben, and his trainer, Kate. Chico being about ten years old and having done a variety of commercials as well as Pup Star films. Good Boy being that good boy’s big role! Chico working well with the fake blood and mini-stunts that the movie entailed. Chico working well with Judy, even letting the actress give him his treats!

Image by Jacob Davison

We were also fortunate enough to see the climax of the film in action, as the monstrous Reuben tries to crash into Maggie’s apartment as she’s being arrested by her cop boyfriend, Nate (McKinley Freeman). Getting to witness the impressive FX in action as the beast tries to crash through the door! Even getting a closer look at Reuben’s hulked out form/puppet first-hand. Still kind of cute, but also terrifying!

Image by Jacob Davison


Into The Dark: Good Boy is currently available to watch on Hulu!

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