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[Interview] ScreamFest Film Festival Founder – Rachel Belofsky.

by Ryan T. Cusick

The ScreamFest Horror film festival was conceived by film producer Rachel Belofsky back in August of 2001. Best known for discovering the Paranormal Activity in 2007, the ScreamFest horror film festival allows filmmakers and screenwriters in the horror and science fiction genres a venue to have their work showcased in the film industry. Other premieres in the past have been Don’t Kill It, Diary of The Dead, Trick ‘r Treat, and The Grudge just to name a few.

Winners of the festival will receive an amazing 24 karat gold dipped skull trophy that was designed by the man himself, Mr. Stan Winston, who partnered with the festival until his passing.

This year’s lineup thus far looks spectacular and I am personally looking forward to the premiere of The Amityville Murders opening night on October 9th!

Want to know more about ScreamFest? Well look no further, I recently had the chance to speak with the lovely Rachel Belofsky, founder of ScreamFest.

Enjoy the interview on Page 2!

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