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Interview With Horror Artist Rickey Williams – iHorror

by Manic Exorcism
Quick Interview With Horror Artist Rickey Williams

Let me introduce you to the morbidly exquisite works of Rickey Williams. Rickey is one of those really cool cats you’ll find at horror conventions up and down the Bay Area. He’s one helluva talented artist and (more importantly) – he’s one of us. Honestly, we could use more fans like Rickey who use their

This past summer I had the great honor of winning his custom Camp Crystal Lake diorama. Being a huge Friday the 13th fan – and avid collector of all things Jason related –  this thing is the pride of my collection.

image via Manic Exorcism, courtesy of Rickey Williams

I recently had a chance to sit down and get to know this horror artist extraordinaire.

Manic Exorcism: “So what got you into making the best horror dioramas in history?”

Rickey Williams: “The first horror diorama I built was 6 years ago. One day I just happened to be walking through Toys R Us when I saw a Freddy action figure & replica glove by NECA. So I bought them,  came home, and shortly after built my first diorama for Freddy. Shortly after I made a custom Nancy figure to display with it.

image courtesy of Rickey Williams

Manic Exorcism: “Was there a specific moment when you realized the impact your art had on the horror community?”

Rickey Williams: “What inspired me to take my art more seriously was after meeting Robert Englund. I took my diorama to be signed and his reaction was priceless! He held it up and showed it off to his massive line of fans  – who had all been waiting hours just to meet him –  and everyone cheered for me.

image courtesy of Rickey Williams

M.E: “Freddy himself approved! That’s just killer. But you were just getting started weren’t you?”

Rickey Williams: “Yeah, then shortly after I offered to build some art for an upcoming Sac Horror film fest. It’s funny because during the cosplay award ceremony the host noticed my dioramas and stopped the contest dead in its tracks just to find out who made them. I had no clue I was going to have to go on stage. I was half drunk sitting in the audience and totally caught off guard when they called me up. So I jumped up on stage (hid my slight buzz) and talked about my art. Again everyone cheered and that was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a standing ovation. Sinister Creature was just then being planned and I was asked to join in.  My table was a success! So I branched out and have been doing shows all over California since.

courtesy of Rickey Williams

M.E: “I’m stoked to own one of your pieces, and there’s so much to choose from. Do you have a personal favorite out of everything you’ve made?”

Rickey Williams: “My favorite piece has to be the Dollhouse. Hands down.  It’s just an awesome piece and it’s gotten around. I originally built it for a big Elm Street reunion at Sinister Creature Con in Stockton. Most of the Dream Warriors were there plus a few from Part 4. I even got to display it up on the Elm Street panel. I eventually took it to L.A for a photoshoot with the real house. It’s been signed by a lot of the Nightmare casts members, and is now being featured in Mick Strawn’s book Behind The Screams: The Dream Master Revealed.It’s the star of my collection.

image courtesy Rickey Williams – front side of Freddy’s Dollhouse

image courtesy of Rickey Williams – backside of Freddy’s Dollhouse

M.E: “Ok so now I gotta ask, do you take custom requests?”

Rickey Williams: “Well I built Nathan Baesel his very own Leslie Vernon shadowbox.”

image courtesy of Rickey Williams – custom Leslie Vernon figure

There you have it, my Nasties. A genuine horror fan with some searing talent. Rickey is one cool cat. Thanks to him I may have my very own custom-built Freddy vs Jason diorama. There’s a rumor that Savini’s Jason will be featured in it as well. Not to mention I may also be getting my very own Madman Marz figure shadowbox. Eeeeeee!!!

Click on over to the next page to see some more of Rickey’s macabre work and don’t forget to head over to his Instagram page and give him a like.


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