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INTERVIEW: Hera Hilmar on Her Journey into the World of ‘See’

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The credits have rolled on the first season of See, a dystopian series which imagines a world where the sense of sight has been mostly eradicated and where those who can see are hunted as witches. For Icelandic actress Hera Hilmar, the opportunity to work on the AppleTV+ series was both exciting and challenging, and she took a few minutes this week to chat with iHorror about her journey through the first season.

“I remember reading the script first and being like very excited about what it was and how original it was in many ways,” Hilmar explained. “To be a part of that and to create something like that, you kind of think how will this work? Will it work?”

What appealed to her most beyond the world herself was being able to step into the shoes of the remarkable and strong Maghra, a woman with more than one secret to hide, who in the first episode of the series gives birth to a set of twins who are able to see.

She had no idea where this story was going, but it was one that she couldn’t wait to play out.

“I mean I thought like, what’s exciting about doing something like that is I couldn’t read the whole series to begin with,” she said, “so like it wasn’t entirely clear what was going to happen to Maghra or what her role was going to be so like so much was left to be created and I think that it was really cool to see how she developed.”

The series came with a host of challenges, not the least of which was learning to navigate the world without sight. The cast, which had a mixture of both sighted and non-sighted or low-vision actors, worked with movement coaches and various consultants to help them find their way in the world of See.

Not only did it allow them to fully realize their characters, but she says, it really created a real bond between cast members.

“A lot of people had to take themselves out of their comfort zone, and when you do that collectively you create bonds in a way that you don’t when everyone just comes with their own stuff to set,” Hilmar explained. “You allow yourself to be vulnerable with other people in that way. We created an ensemble to work together like that. I enjoyed working with all of them.”

That ensemble feel really comes through while watching See, and the series is better for it.

You can check out the entire first season of the series on AppleTV+ right now, and season two is already in the works!

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