[Interview] Dee Wallace – ‘Beyond The Sky’ & Upcoming Films!

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Throughout film history we have been touched by many talented people, some of these people whom we have never met feel like a part of us, through their music, art, writing, and motion pictures these individuals acting as a beacon, guiding us through our childhood and in through our adult lives. Just reading a sentence, hearing a music lyric or voice can magically take us back, back to place of comfort and remembrance of a beautiful time.

Dee Wallace is the prime example of this, a talent that has spanned over the past four decades of entertainment. Over the years Dee has touched the hearts of many with her endless resume of film and television starring in some notable roles such as E.T., Cujo, and of course my favorite, Critters. The list continues to grow as she shows no signs of letting up as she just completed filming on Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell and her newest film Beyond The Sky just released last week.

Dee Wallace Speaking At Son of Monsterpalooza 2016 – ‘Death House’ Panel. Photo Credit – Heather Cusick – iHorror.com

Many are not aware; Dee has a marvelous podcast that deals with healing called, “Conscious Creation Radio Show.” Dee has also written a few books on the subject that are currently available for purchase.

I had the privilege of speaking to Dee about her new film Beyond The Sky, her position on Extraterrestrial life, her upcoming movies, and she reveals the oddest horror fan request at a convention!


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