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48 Hour Film Project: Interview with a Vid-pire

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48 Hour Film Project: Interview with a Vid-pire

received_7259890874541971.Who are you?
Carl V. Dupre

2.What are you about?
Screenwriter, Director, Author, Film Editor and recently Producer (of the Horror 48)

3.Have you done any work we would know of? Or should know of?

My big claim to fame is DETROIT ROCK CITY about four kids going to see a KISS concert in 1978.  I also wrote two chapters in the HELLRAISER epic, HELLSEEKE and HELLWORLD. As if that wasn’t enough I wrote PROPHECY 3 starring Christopher Walken as the angel Gabriel. Proudest moment as a screenwriter was having Chris Walken say my dialog. If you IMDB me you’ll see I’ve worked on a few other movies in other capacities- some horror some non-horror, some of which you may have heard of. SCREAM 2 directed by Wes Craven is a big feather in my cap. BARB WIRE starring Pam Anderson is not. Most recently I wrote a horror film called INKUBUS featuring “Freddy Krueger” himself Robert Englund, and shot right here in my home state of Rhode Island, land of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe.

4.What is the 48 hour film project?

The 48 Hour Horror Film Project is a competition. Nay a challenge. Can you make a completed short horror movie from sundown on Friday to sundown on Sunday? And by completed I mean titles, music, sound effects, everything. Of course there are awards and accolades for those who turn in the best shorts. Currently we have 16 filmmaking crews or “teams” signed up.

5. Where and when did the 48hp start?

It started back in 2001 when some DC filmmakers wanted to see if they could make a film in 48 hours, and from there the idea caught on like wildfire. More on the history of the 48 Hour Film Project is available here.


6. What lead to you running this project? What troubles did you face?

I joined the Rhode Island Film Collaborative which is a local resource for filmmakers, professional and non-professional. They had hosted regular 48’s in the past but wanted to try the Horror 48. Given my experience it seemed logical for me to step up to the plate. So far it has been very rewarding sharing my enthusiasm and expertise with the filmmakers and watching them get excited about scaring the living daylights out of some poor unsuspecting audience. As far as troubles go I am a creative writer, thus not inclined to organizing or event planning of any kind. So there have been hurdles in making sure that not only is the word out about a certain event, but that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. In hindsight I have managed quite well. I’m surprising myself actually.

7. How is this event funded?

The 48 is funded with the help of many proud sponsors who love independent film making.

8. Any “famous” competitors?  Or competitors we may have heard of?

The competitors are mostly local indy film makers, most of them non-professional. So they may not be household names yet but just wait. They will be!  The celebrities in this case are the filmmakers I’ve brought on board to judge the films. Peter Schink, creator of the movie LEGION and Syfy’s DOMINION… Chad Verdi local producer, responsible for INKUBUS and the upcoming Vinny Pazienza movie BLEED FOR THIS (which Martin Scorsese is exec producing)… Tom DeNucci, horror movie actor/writer/director whose most recent films include ALMOST MERCY and ARMY OF THE DAMNED… Glenn Ciano director of INKUBUS and the zombie film INFECTED… and last but not least the brilliant make up effects artist ROB FITZ who also directed a great horror film called GOD OF VAMPIRES.

9. Are their any specific directors you are looking forward to seeing
> again? If so, why, and what did their work involve?

I love all the directors, actors, etc I’ve met so far. Seeing that none of the actual filmmaking has happened yet its hard to say. The movies will be finished on October 19th.

10. May we use any YouTube footage/ footage in general, regarding 48hp,for display purposes?

Unfortunately I do not have the authority to say yes to that question, but I can direct you to the 48 Hour Film Project’s press room. It contains photos and videos specifically for the press.

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