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Social media can do everything: reconnect you with old friends, find birth parents or even become a platform for horror movies.

That is the case with the upcoming Instagram project called Bunker 15, a unique and visually striking episodic journey into the world of horror.

Mutagenic Studios Interactive is helming this unique horror project which consists of 60-second animations spread out over 24 episodes, one released every day starting on October 31.

Each episode is made up of approximately 25 still images. In post-production, the photographs were digitally processed and then combined with illustrated backgrounds, helping to create the look and feel of a graphic novel.

Co-director Timothy E. Bacon says the project is important to him because social media, Instagram especially, is an up and coming outlet for storytelling. “Being able to take a project from conception to completion and then launch it through a platform such as Instagram to a hopefully wide audience is thrilling and very satisfying creatively.”

This practice, he says, not only gives viewers an opportunity to follow along with daily updates, but is also a new lesson for him as a creator of entertainment.

“The challenge of creating episodes within the limited time frames available on Instagram really got us to sharpen the story elements, ” said Bacon. “Digital media is truly the wild frontier when it comes to bringing stories to life. We think audiences will enjoy Bunker 15 because it’s filled with lots of twists and scares.”

Here’s the synopsis of Bunker 15: “A woman leads a small expedition in search of her sister – a journalist who went missing while investigating new evidence of Russia’s notorious Cold War-era pseudo-science experiments. But when the trail leads Dana and her team to a remote, abandoned Russian Science City, they’re suddenly in danger of finding a lot more than they bargained for…”

You can watch this horror story unfold for yourself on October 31. Just head over to Instagram and follow @ENTERBUNKER15

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