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It’s almost time. Insidious fans.  On January 5, 2018, Insidious: The Last Key, the latest chapter of the hit franchise, will beckon us deeper into the Further than we’ve ever gone before, and I, for one, cannot wait.

The finer points of the plot, as has been the case with the other films in the franchise, have been kept under lock and key if you’ll pardon the pun.  The one thing that has been clear from the beginning, however, is that audiences will be treated to the origin story of psychic medium Elise Rainier, the character brought to vivid life in the last three films by Miss Lin Shaye.

Shaye, of course, returns to the role this time under the direction of Adam Robitel whose The Taking of Deborah Logan is still included on best of lists three years after its release.

So, where did Elise come from?  That’s the question on every fan’s mind at the moment.  The character began as a small, but integral part of the first film and has slowly become the face of the franchise as we have worked our way backwards chronologically.  Putting together clues from the trailer and small leaks that have occurred, we can glean some information and answer a few questions to help us prepare for the upcoming film.

#1` When is the film set?

In the trailer, Elise says that the haunting she’ll be investigating will be much worse than anything they’ve encountered before because it takes place in her family’s home.  This means that at least the main plot will be set in the time period between Insidious Chapter 3 and the first Insidious film.  She’s not yet gone to help the Lambert family (we would be dealing with deceased Elise if she had), but she is back at the top of her game and no longer in a deep depression after the death of her husband.  She’s already met Specs and Angus and they are working together which we also see in the trailer.

#2  Has Elise encountered this entity before?

This is possible.  Once again, I point back to the allusion that this will be a terrifying and difficult case because it is taking place in what was once her family’s home.  could it be that there was an entity she was confronted with as a child that she simply couldn’t handle?  Or, was it something she did as a child that opened a door to let this and other entities into the home?  Personally, I think she knows for sure what’s in that house and it will be the moral implications and a sense of responsibility that makes her go back there.  Whatever the case, in the trailer Elise looks scared to death, and that can’t bode well for whoever is living in the home now.

#3  How did Elise become a psychic medium?

This is one of the more interesting questions to me.  Was Elise born a medium?  Is it hereditary?  Or was the sense activated by a traumatic experiences?  It’s an excellent question, and I think from clues in other films that she was born with this gift and has learned to use it over the course of her lifetime.

Regardless of the actual answers to these questions, one thing is assured, however.  With Leigh Whannell’s continued, excellent writing, James Wan as producer, and Adam Robitel in the director’s chair, we can expect a well written and fulfilling backstory for Elise Rainier.

Insidious: The Last Key releases January 5, 2018.  Check out the trailer below!