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One of the most anticipated movies of next year, Insidious Chapter 4, just got an official name and teaser rating from The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) according to MovieWeb.

This installment is the sophomore feature film effort from genre nebula Adam Robitel. His directorial debut was the hit horror sleeper The Taking of Deborah Logan in 2014.

It was announced this rumored prequel will be called Insidious: The Last Key.

Why the perceived finality of the “The Last Key?” The answer may lie with  Dr. Elise Reiner (Lin Shaye) in the film. She has been trapped in the ethereal penumbra known as The Further since the first one.

The release date delay is probably the reason for the lack of a trailer or teaser. However, there are still two ways to get your fix.

First, the aforementioned and unreleased BBFC rated teaser which weighs in at only 61-seconds. Don’t expect much from this amuse bouche as far as storyline. No date has been given for its debut, but expect to see it soon at the cineplex ahead of your feature presentation.

A more satisfying preview may be to become a part of it. Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights have constructed an immersive “live” trailer for the film that takes you inside The Further and a glimpse at what may be ahead. This attraction opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 15.

Critically acclaimed and loved by fans, The Insidious franchise, with its terrifying storyline and unnerving visuals, has often been labeled as the project which reinvigorated the supernatural horror market.

This fourth installment of the Insidious series will premiere in theaters on January 5, 2018, according to MovieWeb.