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It seems that James Wan’s films are in a competition with one another, vying to see which one can amass the most amount of sequels.  Though the world champion of that competition will perhaps forever be Saw, which already has a whopping seven installments under its belt, we just found out last week that The Conjuring isn’t all that far behind, with a planned four sequels currently in the works.  As for Insidious, this year of course saw the release of the first sequel to the 2011 box office hit, and the next one is quickly headed our way.

We’ve just learned that Film District and Sony Pictures have set a April 3rd, 2015 release date for Insidious: Chapter 3.  While we don’t yet know much about the film, we do know that Leigh Whannell will once again be writing the screenplay, and the characters of Specs, Tucker and Elise will be returning.  As was teased at the end of Chapter 2, the ghost hunters will likely be investigating a completely new case, the franchise moving past the storyline concerning the Lambert family.

Unfortunately, James Wan won’t be returning to direct…. that is, if he sticks true to the announcement that he will no longer be making horror films.  Only time will tell, in regards to that.

To tide you over until next April, be sure to check out the Insidious web series we posted a few months back, which follows the continuing adventures of Specs and Tucker.  And look for Insidious: Chapter 2 on home video December 24th!