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‘Insidious 5’ Probably Coming Fairly Soon, Says Lin Shaye

by Michael Carpenter

While it took a few films for her to become the lead protagonist, Lin Shaye’s work in the Insidious franchise has truly cemented her as a favorite of horror fans. As psychic Elise Rainier, Shaye has journeyed to The Further and back many times over.

With 2018’s Insidious: The Last Key, it seemed like Elise’s story had come full circle, with flashbacks essentially serving as her origin story while at the same time bridging the gap between Elise’s life as a ghost hunter and her demise during the Lambert case.

However, it doesn’t look like The Last Key, will actually end the Insidious franchise. In a recent interview with Daily Dead, Shaye revealed that as far as she knows, Insidious 5 is happening, and will probably materialize in theaters within the next year or so.

As far as what the story will be about, Shaye says she has an idea, but doesn’t want to discuss it quite yet. The script for Insidious 5 is also not yet written, at least as far she’s aware. Shaye does, however confirm that the Elise-centered prequels are done.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed all the Insidious films to varying degrees, and I’m a sucker for an ongoing theatrical horror franchise. Presuming Shaye’s Elise will still participate in someway in the plot, I’m all for returning to The Further sometime in 2020 or 2021.

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