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Initial Casting Announced for CW’s Re-Tooled ‘The Lost Boys’ Pilot

by Waylon Jordan

Three actors have been announced to star in the newly rewritten pilot for the CW’s proposed series based on Joel Schumacher’s 1987 vampire film, The Lost Boys.

According to Deadline, North Carolina native Branden Cook will play Garrett based on the Jason Patric character, Michael, from the original film. He is the older of two brothers who move with their mother to a small seaside town only to discover a deadly group of vampires have claimed the area as their hunting grounds.

The Lost Boys Branden Cook

Branden Cook (Photo by Leon Foggitt)

Australian actor Lincoln Younes will step into the role of Benjamin, the vampire gang’s leader. Benjamin, of course, is based on the role of David played by Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys movie.

Lincoln Younes (Photo via IMDb)

And finally, Ruby Cruz will take on the role of Elsie based on Jami Gertz’s Star. Cruz was most recently seen in the Hulu series Castle Rock playing a younger version of Lizzy Kaplan’s Annie Wilkes.

Ruby Cruz (Photo via IMDb)

This is the second attempt to create the series based on The Lost Boys film by the network. Last year, they went so far as announcing initial casting before pulling the plug on the pilot and calling for rewrites.

At this time, only a pilot has been ordered for the series which is being written by Heather Mitchell (Eleventh Hour) and Rob Thomas (iZombie). Mitchell and Thomas will also serve as executive producers on the pilot with Marcus Siega (Dexter) directing.

It’s hard to say how things will go with the pilot at this time as we’ve already been here before, but iHorror will keep you posted on details as they become available.

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