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Indie Spotlight: Jaiden Frost and His “Victims of Burial”

by Waylon Jordan

Jaiden Frost loves making movies, and he doesn’t back down when the going gets tough.  When some of his funding fell through for his latest movie, Victims of Burial, Frost knew he was in a tough spot.  Rather than scrap the project, however, he sat down and came up  with a plan to make that money back.

The plan is genius.

“We were building so much hype,” Frost told me.  “Local news stories, local magazine articles, etc. I couldn’t let it fall flat. So I came up with the idea of making it a book first. Promoting it with a prequel. So we shot a promotional cinematic trailer for it and released the first eight chapters of the prequel for free.”

You can read those first eight chapters on the Victims of Burial Facebook page.  What you’ll find in those eight chapters is a story that is as fun and nostalgic as it is scary.

Welker, Nicole, Idira, and Casey have been hunting ghosts together since they were in school in a small town in North Carolina.  Idira and Casey…well, they aren’t the strongest members of the group.  Unfortunately, they know that Welker and Nicole think so. It doesn’t bother Casey so much, but it’s obviously been eating away at Idira.

So, late one night, she brings Casey along to the old town cemetery in search of the spirit of a woman said to be as violent in death as she was in life.  And while Casey is more interested in finding a Gengar on Pokemon Go, he soon finds himself in the middle of a deadly confrontation with old Velma’s ghost

Fun, right?  Right!  Furthermore, the writer/director promises more novellas and a full novelization of his script to come along as precursors for this film he is determined to make.

:” I don’t feel like failure is an option. There are plenty of roads to take to success, just most people try to stay on the interstate, despite the traffic,” Frost told me when we spoke earlier this week.

Indeed, the project is far too important and personal to the director to give up, now.  The books and film are set in the tiny North Carolina town where he grew up and he took pains to make sure that all facets of his town were represented.

“Where I grew up, it was a cultural melting pot. I wanted to show that heavily by making each member of the Buried a different race and giving them all authentic voices that a person of that area would have. This is the first time a Lumbee Native American character has ever existed, a tribe very specific to the region I grew up. They’ve been battling to be considered a nationally recognized tribe for decades and I hope that my project can help them in some way.”

In many ways, this is the very essence of independent film making.  Local, homegrown talent showing the world what it’s made of despite the obstacles in its path.  jaiden Frost and his team personify this driving, hard working spirit.

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