It’s fair to say that the horror comedy genre has been lacking lately. The Voices (starring Ryan Reynolds) aside, most of the sub-genre’s recent releases have either been full-on slap stick or have poor attempts at storylines.  With that in mind I took to the known makers to find what would be next in the sub-genre but uncovered very little to talk about. Beginning to worry that my favorite type of flick had been left on the back burner I dug around the independent websites and found a movie with potential, crying out to be made and seeming to have the originality that horror-com needs.

The Restaurant The concept was formed by the fresh mind of Eric T. Ford, a young but experienced film maker that hopes to see his new creation appear in several of the world’s film festivals. This movie is a very dark but energetic picture, following the struggles of a New York restaurateur who has literally bargained with the forces of evil to see his business succeed. Keeping a demon in the restaurant basement, the business will be a thriving success under the condition that the monster is kept fed on human flesh – of which our protagonist seem only happy to provide.

The part of Andy the aforementioned restaurant manager will be provided by the charismatic actor Mark Robert Turner, who brings about the director’s requested “campy” tone perfectly. And at very first sight the viewer can feel the slimy, false nature of Turner’s character – but don’t take my word for it, the team have put together the opening scene.

[youtube id=”bekhMsoJj-o” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

All in all I was surprised to see a movie on Kick Starter with such a good concept and not asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. Ford is asking for a very modest $18,000 to get the project rolling and I for one want to see the final piece. Get on over to the project page and pledge anything from $5 to be involved in the creation of what I think is going be successful in some of the up and coming film festivals.

There is a wealth of perks to get from coughing up the cash including a meal out with the cast and crew, and a walk on part with a one liner that will see you on IMDB. Let’s just hope that if you are lucky enough to go on the meal that you are not fed to the demon that has guaranteed Eric T. Fords success!  Kickstarter The Restaurant Project