Indie Horror Games to KILL Some Time

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Indie Horror Games

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Slayaway Camp

After the discomfort that The Park will bring you, you will need a palate cleanser. Enter Slayaway Camp. This game is fuuuuuun. You play Skullface: a Jason-esque slasher hell bent on murdering all the girls and boys at summer camp.Minecraft-ian in its appearance, its blocky cuteness just enhances the gore.

It is a puzzle game where you must find a way to kill the teenagers without being killed or captured yourself. There’s over 200 puzzles and, guys, there’s DLC’s and expansion packs so the fun never has to end.

Best part? Derek Mears (Friday the 13th, Holliston) voices, wait for it…Jessica. Go get em, Skullface.

Indie Horror Games

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Pony Island

There’s a style of game that has surfaced recently that is super immersive. It doesn’t feel like a game and it has you explore the darkest reaches of software and the internet. Games like Welcome to the Game and Sara Is Missing come from the same vein.

I chose Pony Island because of the places the game goes. You’re sucked into an arcade game made by Satan and have to go deeper and deeper into its software to find a way out. It’s fun, silly at times and a puzzle game, which is a common element among indie horror games.

While I do love games like Sara Is Missing, Pony Island comes out tops in this genre of indie horror games.

Indie Horror Games

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Manual Samuel

There is something I appreciate above all in the games I play…great dialogue. The best parts of Borderlands aren’t the gorgeous shaded cell graphics or the hundreds of randomly generated guns. No, it’s the hilarious dialogue that just goes on in the background.

Manual Samuel has that hilarity. You play Samuel, a rich, grade-A douche that dies and is allowed to come back only if you can maneuver his floppy corpse around for 24 hours. Seems easy right? Prepare your stress balls and keep anything you can throw AWAY from the computer.

The player must control everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Moving, blinking, breathing must be paid attention to and not forgotten or Samuel stays dead forever. Good luck with this one. You may need a drink afterward.

Indie Horror Games

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Bendy and the Ink Machine

This one came out only a handful of days ago and it’s only the first part. Game play is really short, but it’s not on my list for its duration. This game looks AMAZING. Imagine the old Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 20’s and you have the environment.

Like the rest, this is a first person puzzle game. You are trying to get out of an old animation studio by starting up the ink machine. You must solve the puzzle to leave. Simple premise and the game play isn’t difficult. There are some small jump scares but not many.

This game just looks SO cool to me. It’s a throwback to the old way of animating cartoons and just feels neat. They next chapter is being funded through patreon and I look forward to what the next part brings.

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With all the throwback movies and fashion and music happening lately, it only made sense for games to follow. Set in 1998, the hottest toy at Christmas is….TATTLETAIL. A furry pain in the ass that will get you in trouble with Mama Tattletail, a recalled toy but no one knows why.

A first person, story driven game, you must keep Tattletail happy and keep up with its never ending requests or face Mama. For kids who grew up in the 90s, this game will be fun and nostalgic.

This seems like a long list but, truly, there are hundreds of awesome indie horror games out there waiting to be found and scare the hell out of you. Nearly all of these are available on Steam (The Visitor series and Bendy and the Machine are not) and some are even free to download. So, when you are bored and looking for an obscure bit of creepy, try some of these games and maybe it will lead you to other amazing indie horror games.

Let us know your favorite indie horror games in the comments!

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