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Indie Horror Games to KILL Some Time

by D.D. Crowley

There are some AMAZING big name horror releases that have come out last year and are set to release this year. There is no argument how amazing Resident Evil: Biohazard was or how terrifying Outlast 2 looks. But there is a treasure trove of indie horror games out there that so many people don’t know about.

Everyone in my life would probably agree that I watch too many Let’s Plays. I think I watch people play games more than I actually play games myself. Do the dishes, watch a Let’s Play. Making dinner, watch a Let’s Play. There is a good reason for it.

Let’s Plays are an amazing resource for little known indie horror games. It gives me a chance to experience these sometimes short, sometimes funny and usually terrifying games that otherwise would pass through my radar.

I’m going to save you some sifting trouble and list out some of the top underrated indie horror games out there. Some are even free to download. So get your PC’s ready and let’s get listing.

Indie Horror Games

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Fran Bow

I love when artists mix cutsie and disturbing and Fran Bow takes the cake. The story follows a young girl named Fran Bow that gets put into an asylum after she witnesses her parents being brutally murdered. She can’t remember what happened and people seem to think she did it.

Her goal is to find her beloved black cat, Mr. Midnight, and find out what really happened to her parents. The entire time you are wondering if she suffers from a dangerous mental disorder or could supernatural forces be at work?

The animation is strange in appearance and gorgeous. Everything seems “normal” but when Fran takes her medicine, the world changes into grotesque scenes of insanity, blood and child dismemberment. You feel for this little girl and are terrified along with her. Highly recommend this one; just leave a light on when you sleep afterward.

Indie Horror Games

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Lethe: Episode 1

This. Game. Is. Gorgeous. What drew me to this game was its environment. With seamless graphics and a foreboding atmosphere, I got hooked very quickly. A first-person horror survival game, you follow Robert Dawn, a journalist looking into where he came from.

With little knowledge of his mother or where he is from, he goes searching and finds his past in a small mining town. However, the abandoned town isn’t what it looks like. My only complaint about this game is continuity of story.

Sometimes the story line can become a little convoluted and the environments can change so drastically, you wonder how it’s even feasible. Overlooking that, the game play is easy, although not without slight bugs (not nearly as many as some major titles carry) and the story is immersive.

Only chapter one has been released as of yet, but each episode will stand alone as its own story. I’m looking forward to the next one, that’s for sure.

Indie Horror Games

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The Visitor/ The Visitor Returns/ The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy

Sometimes, just because a game is short, doesn’t mean it’s not as good as any long game. Case in point: The Visitor series. I put three in one favorite spot because, honestly, I couldn’t pick my favorite.

These games are ridiculous. You play an alien that is on earth that starts off as a bitty worm. Every time you eat something, you get bigger and gain the characteristic of what you ate. The game play varies a bit between each game but the premise is the same: solve the puzzle and eat your way to victory.

They are all flash animation games and kind of bring me back to being a kid and playing Night of the Tentacles. These games are silly, gory and you can have multiple endings.

Indie Horror Games

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I first saw this game in a Markiplier play through. Whether or not you like him, he can narrate a story like nobody’s business and that’s what this game is about. A throw back to text based games, there is nothing to it BUT story line.

You play as Roger Hastings, a logger working in the forest with his crew when something happens, an explosion…something. You must find your crew and find out what happened. If you liked choose your own adventure books as a kid, you’ll love this.

In the spirit of Until Dawn, your decisions change the story. It leaves you on the edge of your seat and you delve deeper and deeper into the mystery of what happened. With at least two possible endings, you’ll play again and again.

Indie Horror Games

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The Park

This game isn’t scary per se, but it was pretty disturbing. In this first-person psychological horror, you play as Lorraine, searching for your son, Callum, in an old abandoned amusement park. While the premise at first seems like it has some holes, it is all explained in the end.

The game is short at one to two hours of game play, but the feelings are lasting. This may affect parents more and make you feel uncomfortable and squirm in your seat. Movies like The Babadook and games like this one play on the emotions from a parent to a child and it’s things like that tend to bother me the most.

This is a good, narrative driven story to kill a couple hours.

Dont go away yet! There’s more on page 2.

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