INCARNATE Invites You To Get Possessed

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We recently covered a new clip of the upcoming supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Tilt, INCARNATE, and now we’re back with another preview of the evil yet to come! In anticipation for the film’s release, Blumhouse has made a new app called ‘DemonEyes Yourself’. With it, you can upload a photo and tweak different options to make yourself or others look anywhere from a little strange, to looking positively filled to the brim with the evil spirits! It’s pretty fun to use, and with several options to make yourself look demonic, such as neon crosses and asphalt cracked skin like the evil possessed child in the film.

Demon Eyes Incarnate

INCARNATE revolves around a scientist and exorcist played by Aaron Eckhart who is able to jump inside the subconscious minds of the possessed in order to fight their demons from within and free them from their diabolical control. But at a great, personal risk. His current case proving to be his most dangerous yet when he discovers that this particular demon has powers he has never seen before, and is confronted by horrors from his past.

The film is due for release on December 2nd. So in the meantime you can use DemonEyes Yourself to make you or your loved ones look infernal just in time for the holidays!