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‘In Search of Darkness II’ Is Coming Back In a New and Excitingly Spooky Way

by Trey Hilburn III

If you are anything like us you have watched and re-watched In Search of Darkness on Shudder. The 4 and a half hour documentary dives into 80’s horror and its themes, trends and everything in between with some awesome horror celeb interviews. Now, the same team at CreatorVC is back with In Search of Darkness II.

This time around the list includes more international horror and sees 15 new famous faces in horror turn up. This entry takes us through even more deep-cuts of genre faves and maybe even some that slipped between the cracks.

This time around the teams is handling the release a bit different. You won’t find this one on store shelves or on any streaming services. Instead, you head over to 80sHorrorDoc.com to place your order for the actual blu-ray/DVD. This purchase also gets you a digital copy of the film. The site also allows you to get a credit in the film. These range from fan all the way to executive producer.

Along with your purchase of In Search of Darkness II, you also receive:

Blu-ray or DVD of the documentary with slipcover and 16-page collectible booklet.

Poster 1: In Search of Darkness: Part II movie poster (16.5” x 23.4”)

Poster 2: Artwork created for In Search of Darkness: Part II by Dave Merrell (16.5” x 23.4”)

Poster 3: Artwork created for In Search of Darkness: Part II by Rachid Lotf (16.5” x 23.4”)

Exclusive Collectible Enamel Pin

Your Name in the Credits

Soundtrack and Score (Digital Download)

• In Search of Darkness Digital Edition

• In Search of Darkness: Part II Digital Edition

“With a four-plus-hour running time, In Search of Darkness still only scratched the surface of what ‘80s horror had to offer. This time, we dive even deeper into the genre with four more hours of brand-new interviews, new takes from the original cast, examinations of unexpected and controversial films, plus focused, career-retrospective interviews with horror legends Robert Englund, Nancy Allen, Tom Savini, and Linnea Quigley. I’m excited to share deeper cuts, new insights, and a whole new world of shock and gore in this second love letter to ‘80s horror, In Search of Darkness: Part II, as specifically requested by the fans.” Said Search of Darkness: Part II writer and director, David Weiner

It’s exciting that CreatorVC is going beyond the regular old documentary experience for a new and interactive approach. This brings the online superfans together for a totally unique experience.

To find out how to be part of the new In Search of Darkness II experience head over here. Just don’t wait too long you only have from now until October 31 to take part.


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