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‘A Quiet Place’ Final Trailer Dares You to Scream

by Eric Panico

Actor/Director John Krasinki’s final trailer for A Quiet Place has crept its way online just before the film releases later this week. Krasinski recently spoke in an interview with iHorror’s very own David N. Grove about how his experiences as a parent helped him bring “maximum suspense and tension to the story.” The heart-stopping trailer shows being a parent is no walk in the park…especially in a post-apocalyptic world with bloodthirsty monsters.

There are several new glimpses of the creatures in the trailer without giving a complete reveal. We see Krasinski’s character and his son come across an old man in the forest, who inexplicably decides to yell. A creature comes down upon him in an instant, showing how incredibly fast and agile they are. Outrunning them appears to be out of the question, emphasizing the important role silence plays in the film.

At one point, we see Krasinski frantically running with a shotgun in hand, while fireworks erupt in the background at the farm. These appear to be contingency plans to provide the family with cover if, and when, all hell breaks loose. It seems Krasinski intends to keep mixing things up for the audience, and taking full advantage of the concept.

Kransinki stated in his iHorror interview, “Every good story, regardless of genre, has drama and tension.” He clearly understands these storytelling elements are a universal language in TV and cinema. Some of the best horror films in history, like The Shining and The Exorcist, weren’t created by directors who exclusively did horror. It’s great to see new blood in the genre.

A Quiet Place will release this Friday, April 6. Are you going to see it in theaters to get the full immersive experience? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out the final trailer below!

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