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Director Shares Behind-the-Scenes Images of ‘Tales From the Hood 2’

by Erick Gabriel
Tales From the Hood

Writer/Director Rusty Cundieff has been busy enthralling fans of Tales From the Hood via his official twitter page. Followers have been given some exclusive behind-the-scene tidbits like a first-look at Keith David as the storyteller. Cundieff also recently tweeted a photo of himself and the returning alum of the first Tales From the Hood.

David was rumored to play the role of the narrator and eerie mortician, Mr. Simms. Cundieff shared a photo of him and David on set.

The mortician of the original Tales From the Hood was animated, whacky, and definitely a bit creepy. He recounted the different stories (customers) he dealt with while dealing with three teenage drug dealers looking to score throughout the film. It did not end well for the group of teens who got their just deserts.

The stories in the anthology touch on topics of violence, racism, and social and economic issues that were very much taboo at the time.

Cundieff, who was also the original writer/director, was greenlit for production of Tales From the Hood 2 back in January. New Orleans was used as a filming location. An image from one of the scenes was posted onto the Facebook page of Darin Scott, the original producer.

According to DreadCentral, Scott will be returning to help direct the film.

“I just got back from New Orleans, where I shot my latest film. Here is a picture from my séance scene. Time to turn down the lights and turn up the scares!? #talesfromthehood2”

Tales From the Hood Sequel

Via Dread Central

Composer Christopher Young will be bringing a new score to this follow-up. Young composed music for Hellraiser and the first Tales From the Hood.

The current social and political climate has led to a resurgence of social commentary, primarily in horror. But this isn’t new – movies have always been a mirror to society in the sense that they give the masses a way to reflect on lives and situations that usually are not addressed.

Some of the horror genre’s classics are noted for their social-political subtext – from Dawn of the Dead’s play on consumer consumption to satirical approach to politics in They Live!

Films like Get Out and The Purge have shown that this brush of social commentary is not only effective in films, but also profitable. We can only wait to see if this Trump-era has any influence on the stories in this chapter of Tales From the Hood 2.

Are you excited for this new chapter of Tales From the Hood?

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