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iHorror’s Dreamcast For Stephen King’s “The Stand”

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A few months back, we brought you the news here on iHorror that Stephen King’s epic masterpiece “The Stand” was being given the theatrical treatment and being divided into four separate movies; Much like the TV miniseries from the early nineties. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see one of my favorite novels getting a makeover and a much needed big budget release. While the miniseries was indeed glorious as is, I certainly felt some of the characters were miscast. Such as Randall Flagg and Frannie. Two very important characters. So I’m hoping they hit the mark this time around. That being said, the team here at iHorror came together to discuss our ultimate dreamcast for the upcoming major epic.



Matthew-McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg

Shortly after the announcement of the four part epic, it was indeed confirmed that McConaughey would tackle the role of the dark man. I feel like with his superb acting qualities, he’s a perfect fit for the role. It somehow just seems… right. As if perhaps, he was born to play it. I know he will nail it. No doubts for this fan. Oddly enough, even before the announcement, I always thought he would make a great Flagg. Thanks Hollywood for getting this one right.



bradley cooper


Bradley Cooper as Stuart Redman



Andrew Lincoln as Stuart Redman

Stu is one of the main central characters of the story. This was the hardest and most debatable role for us to cast. So we went with two different choices here. With Cooper proving his wide range of acting abilities, we believe he would make a great fit for the role. Lincoln displays that Stu mentality already in “The Walking Dead” early on with his leadership role. Sure, maybe it’s typecasting, but it works and I could see either as Redman. What say you?



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Emma Stone as Frances Goldsmith

Emma has proven time and time again what a brilliant actress she is and I can’t think of a better fit for Frannie than her. She has the right look, attitude and likeability factor to pull it off.




Norman Reedus as Larry Underwood

Before you start blasting, hear me out. Reedus has the right look of both bad boy and gentle soul for the part of Underwood. Can he sing? No clue. And quite frankly who gives a fuck. Neither could Adam Storke, at least in my opinion. But it worked didn’t it? So why not Reedus? Can you dig yo man?



Sam Rockwell


Sam Rockwell as Lloyd Henreid

I’ve said a million times here and elsewhere how much I think Rockwell is one brilliant actor. For the part of Lloyd, Rockwell fits the shoe perfectly as we all know he can play one hell of a scumbag.



jeffery demunn


Jeffrey Demunn as Glen Bateman

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Walking Dead trend? Not at all. Just simply keeping the Stephen King tradition alive here with the addition of Jeffrey. Demunn has been credited with being in a long string of King adaptation films. So why stop now? He’s such a likeable guy, and would make a great fit for the role of Glen.




Jonah Hill as Harold Lauder

It has been thrown around for some time now how Hill make a perfect fit for Harold. And we couldn’t agree more. Hill can make that transformation from awkward to awkwardly sinister no problem. Get your agent on the phone Jonah and let’s make this shit happen.



John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly as Ralph Brentner

Reilly is just as much known for his more serious roles as his funny ones. I think adding him to the mix as one the central four characters from the freezone would make for a breath of fresh air for us fans.



cripspin glover

Crispin Glover as Trashcan Man

I don’t even feel the need to explain this. This just needs to happen. Please and thank you.




Mila Kunis as Nadine Cross

I can’t think of a better fit for Nadine than Mila. Her striking features would make for a perfect bearer for the Antichrist. Don’t you agree?




Charles Cyphers as Judge Farris

Now here’s an interesting thought. We all agree that Halloween legend Cyphers would make for a great Judge in the upcoming reboot. I mean why not? One can fantasize right?




joseph-gordon-levittJoseph Gordon-Levitt as Nick Andros

Levitt has come a long way from seeing angels on a baseball field. The studios would hit the nail on the head casting him as the deaf-mute. He’s the right age, has the right look and he’s one hell of an actor.




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Will Ferrell as Tom Cullen

Other than Stu this role was hardest to cast. Honestly, I feel like with Ferrell as awkward as he is, can pull it off. He has those child-like qualities that audiences associate him with and can bring some light- hearted humor to the film. M-O-O-N. That spells Will. Yep. Had to do it.





Octavia Spencer as Mother Abigail

While Octavia may be a bit young to play the elderly prophet from the book, a touch of good ol’ Hollywood makeup can fix that problem. Spencer is of course an amazing actress with  power in her words. She could slide into that role perfectly.




So what do you think of these choices? Obviously, this is up for debate so sound off in the comments: Who would YOU like to see cast in the reboot?


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