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iHorror Writer Spotlight: Carly Knaszak

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Here we are again as we continue this series of getting down and dirty with the faces behind iHorror! As writers, we feel like we know a lot of our regular readers by their interactions with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; So why not to get to know us a little better? Today we plunge into the beautiful and dark world of Carly Knaszak. Carly has been with iHorror for over a year now and has banged out impressive pieces for the ever growing website. Her way with words comes across as non- robotic, which makes it as though you’re speaking to just another horror fan. She’s a charming looker and down to earth gal who lives and breathes the horror genre and can give any enthusiast a challenge with her vast knowledge of the horror game. So let’s dive right into it shall we?




 How did your relationship with iHorror begin?

iHorror happened in a really random way. I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and saw a link to a horror site. I forgot what the article was but then I started stalking the site and loved the material on it. Then I saw they were looking for writers and I sent an email to Anthony and I got the gig! I was so thrilled to actually write for a website that had such an interest in horror. It was awesome meeting people that loved horror as much as me.


Favorite article you’ve done and favorite piece done by another writer?

My favorite article was probably one of my first articles. I wrote about a girl beheading her classmate-(you can read that here). The reaction from people were so great and it was such a creepy thing to happen. I don’t really have a favorite article done by anyone because I would be sitting here all day listing off different ones from each category on the site. But I can say the most helpful articles on iHorror are the ones saying what are the best horror movie on Netflix. My friends and I will have a movie night and we will go on iHorror and look at all the movies that the writers recommended. I know I really didn’t answer the question but everyone brings their own writing style to the site and I love what everyone posts.


If you could interview one horror icon, who would it be and why?

 Okay, I can’t give you just one. I have so many people I would love to interview! But my top three would be Robert Englund, Elvira and Wes Craven. I would pick Elvira because she has such a sex appeal to horror. She made horror sexy. But also I love Englund and Craven because both of them are geniuses for the Elm Street series.




What was it that started your fascination with the horror genre?

I use to be terrified of Jack Skellington and Beetlejuice when I was younger  I wanted nothing to do with horror but then I was like any teenager and went through a goth phase and became obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas. It also started with my parents taking our family to Orlando’s Halloween Horror Night. It was like my second home. Horror just became part of my life because I was so scared of it as a child but then I became obsessed with facing my fears of blood and guts. I love being scared now.


In my best Ghostface voice: What’s your favorite scary movie?

My top favorite horror movie is Halloween. It was one of the first horror movies my dad showed me. I became obsessed with it because Michael Myers is literally just a guy with a knife and walking around but he is terrifying! The music was amazing to the movie. I even have the Halloween theme song as my ringtone!



Be on the lookout for more of iHorror’s spotlight on our lovely group of writers!

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All images used in this article done by Kate Drexel Photography.

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