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Unfriended: Dark Web

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Posted by iHorror on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Today, iHorror announcedĀ that it will be teaming with writer/director Dan Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) and Joseph Restaino of Character Brigade in a three-picture deal. The first film from this partnership, a sci-fi/horror film calledĀ Skyman, has already begun filming.

iHorror is the #1 social media presence for all things horror with over 4 million followers on Facebook alone.Ā  This match-up with Myrick and Restaino, whose Character Brigade also recently produced Kevin Smith’s latest filmĀ Killroy Was Here, is a perfect match.

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ā€œiHorror.comĀ excels in social media marketing – Itā€™s how we climbed to be among the top voices in the horror genre,ā€ said Anthony Pernicka, CEO of iHorror.com in a press release, ā€œHaving someone like Dan–who earned his spot inĀ horror history with the making and marketing of The Blair Witch Project–includeĀ iHorror.comĀ among his elite production team is a validating moment for me and theĀ iHorror.comĀ company.ā€

According to the official synopsis the film is a docu-drama chronicling the experiences of Carl Merryweather, a man who says in 1987, at the age 10, he came in contact with an alien lifeform while camping with his father in the desert of Apple Valley, California. Several other people in the area also reported strange phenomena that evening and the following day.

Now, 30 years later, Merryweather says that he knows that the alien creatures wish to reconnect with him at the same spot in Apple Valley and he’s determined to be the first man to visually document his own abduction experience.

Carl Merryweather Skyman

Myrick says he is excited about the prospect of telling Merryweather’s story, and that working with iHorror is a chance for even greater success.

“With Anthony Pernicka and William Surgeon at iHorror.com as partners, both myself and my producer, Joe Restaino, feel we could elevate the film on multiple levels,” the director said. “We’re very excited to see where this partnership takes us, not only on this film but on other projects in the future.”

Skyman is set for release in 2019. Stay tuned for more news here at iHorror!


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