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iHorror Releases A Limited Number Of Horror Mystery Boxes

by Anthony Pernicka

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Limited Number of Mystery Boxes Available

You can purchase your iHorror Mystery Box here!

Some people have experienced some eBay errors while trying to check out. 

If this happens to you, we have added a few more boxes on our direct website iHorrorShop.com.


These are official MYSTERY BOXES from iHorror.com

Here’s how it works:

There are 3 different sizes of boxes pre-packed and loaded to the limit with cool horror movie collectible items.

When you make a purchase, you DO NOT KNOW which size will be shipped out to you. (that’s part of the surprise)

YOU DO NOT KNOW what will be in any of the boxes. (hence the mystery part)

The items you see in the photos are just some of what may be in a box you order. Your box will not include all the items seen in the photos. Additionally, there are collectibles and autographs not shown in the pictures that may be in your box.

These boxes of various sizes are packed and ready to ship out. This is a limited run, and we WILL sell out.

Officially From iHorror.com

Knowing that these mystery boxes are from one of the biggest horror movie news and review websites out there should let you know that these are going to be great boxes.

There are no boxes with a retail value of less than $29.99

There are several boxes with a retail value between $80 – $300 

and 2 SUPER BOXES both valued at over $500

Sounds too good to be true… why would we do this?

There are a few reasons we are doing this right now.

  1. It’s fun, and we love these types of mystery boxes ourselves. Feels like a Halloween gift to yourself! 
  2. We get shipments of awesome products/movies/books/collectibles weekly from PR Agencies around the world, and our stock room is FULL! We need to “clean house,” and we don’t want to wait for each item to sell individually.  
  3. We started this new eBay account specifically to list amazing horror items for auction. We want to start getting some positive feedback on this new account. 

This Ebay account: iHorrorAuctionswill have some AMAZING one-of-a-kind horror items up soon. Be sure to add us as a favorite seller, so you know when we list a new horror item up for auction!

Due to the nature of these types of “mystery boxes,” we cannot accept any returns. It wouldn’t be fair for one person to buy a bunch of boxes and just return the ones with no autographs or high-value collectibles. Thanks for understanding.  

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