iHorror Invades Wizard World Las Vegas

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The Wizard World Con has rapidly grown into one of the more popular cons to attend here in the United States. iHorror friend and colleague, Ryan Cusick and myself had the pleasure of attending the event in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I have been a Vegas native for thirty years, and you would think with this town, booming in pop culture, would have more events such as this. As a matter of fact, this was the first time WW has ever held a con here in Sin City. Sure, we have the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con; But I’m talking on a much larger scale. Not as large as the famed San Diego Comic Con, but it expands in depth over the local cons we have here.


It was a happy medium for me. The floor plans were easy to follow and plenty of tables and chairs to rest and grub to take a break from all pop madness WW has to offer. The floor is littered with booths to purchase everything from vintage and modern comic books, horror memorabilia, posters and toys. Seems to be something there for everybody. I happened to come across a booth called Boonzy Arts where i happened to pick up this gem. As a Twin Peaks fanatic I was thrilled.

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There were many artists and authors on hand that were happy to talk to con goers and sign purchased prints from their booths. I had the pleasure of Marvel/DC artist Michael Golden sign a Walking Dead art print of zombie Merle for me.

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Then there’s the celebrity signing area. While Bruce Campbell and Norman Reedus are main headliners for Wizard World, both had to cancel due to projects they are working on. Presumably Campbell working on his Evil Dead series? Now.. my only gripe about the signing areas is that pictures are not to be taken of the celebrity guests unless you purchase an outrageous amount for an autograph or photo op. Some are more reasonable than others, if you consider $50 a good price for a photo. That was the least expensive I must have seen for the line-up, which included Robert Englund, Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson, a good portion of The Walking Dead cast, and Sean Patrick Flannery just to name a few. On the plus side of this, they are all in clear view for you to drool over. Whoever your Achilles heel is. I’ll be the first to admit that after 27 years of idolizing Robert Englund and meeting him for the first time, I couldn’t help but gush at Freddy Krueger in the flesh. My fangirl came out in a nerdy way.


Aside from the special guest madness, the cosplayers that attended the event, with whom I felt the need to get pictures with below, were some of the nicest and most creative group of people I’ve ever encountered in the con circuit. Dressing up is encouraged but certainly not required. Standing in line, whilst waiting to enter the arena, one of the zombie cosplayers was really into her character chasing “Deadpool” along the hallways screaming her head off. Good times, Vegas. Good times.



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Other areas of interest of the event included a display of famous pop culture cars such as the Batmobile and the Delorean from Back To The Future. Also, because it’s Vegas, a line of booths of tattoo artists were at the guests disposal if you just so happen to be itching for some ink.

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In conclusion, Wizard World in Las Vegas was a grand success and well worth checking out if it happens to come to your town. My advice would be to plan to stay for a ridicules amount of hours. Treasures and memories around every corner of this event await the hungry con fanatics. Stay tuned to iHorror this week for our up close and personal interviews at WW with Robert Englund, Cassandra Peterson and Michael Rooker!