iHorror Interview: Roger Corman

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Corman sweater seatedWhether you call him the “King of the B’s,” (which he doesn’t care for) or simply a legend, Roger Corman is an icon of cinema who has left an indelible mark on the horror genre.

With more than 500 total credits over a career which began in the early 1950s and has spanned producing, directing and acting, Corman has not only given us cult classics such as A Bucket of Blood, Dementia 13 and Little Shop of Horrors, but also helped pave the way for cinematic royalty including James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Joe Dante, Jonathan Demme, Ron Howard and Martin Scorsese, not to mention Jack Nicholson.

Corman’s influence and friendship was rewarded when Coppola cast him in The Godfather: Part II and Demme did the same for The Silence of the Lambs, both of which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Even at 88, Corman remains active in the industry, producing Sharktopus vs. Mermantula, which is currently in post-production and set for a 2016 release.

On Tuesday afternoon, Corman took a few moments to speak with iHorror to not only answer questions about his incredible career, but also answered some questions which may help to shed some light on the man behind the myth.

Ladies and gentlemen, Roger Corman…

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