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iHorror Film Festival Announces Full List of Screenplay Finalists

by Waylon Jordan
iHorror Film Festival

The iHorror Film Festival is only days away and in anticipation of this year’s festivities, we are proud to present the finalists in our unproduced screenplays competition.

This is our first year presenting this award as part of our festival and we were knocked out by the creativity and talent of these gifted writers.

The iHorror Film Festival will take place online this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. Tickets are $14.99 for two days of the festival. For ticketing and more information, CLICK HERE.

Piney Croft written by Christine Madrid French and Megan Matousek

Historian Poppy London, her two children, and her father Ruben, are recent Florida transplants living in a mid-century A-frame house. When a hurricane begins to batter their area, dark spirits are unleashed and one in particular has set his sights on claiming Poppy as his own. It’s an epic battle between good and evil with a healthy dose of social commentary that keeps the pages turning.

Persona written by Jeffrey Howe

Years after surviving the car crash that left her husband dead and herself paralyzed, Liddy’s former father-in-law turns up with the promise of new technology that might allow her to walk again. The man never does anything without it helping himself in some way, but Liddy finds herself drawn into his experiments despite her misgivings. Will she discover his endgame before it’s too late?

Patrilineal written by Jennifer Trudrung

Jeff and Elizabeth seem to have the perfect life from the outside. They have two beautiful daughters, Kate and Beth, and live in a nice house in 1970s Pensacola. But everything is not as it seems. Jeff has dark moods that verge on violence with his family, and a dark “sense of humor” that is often unsettling, especially to his youngest daughter Beth. She and her dad only truly bond over fishing and it’s on these trips that she begins to think his behavior hints at something even darker.

Vulture written by Tyler Christensen

iHorror Film Festival Vulture

After her husband is murdered and she’s left for dead, Ellie sets out in an attempt to hide away from corrupt Arizona Rangers. She finds herself in Vulture City, and begins to think she might find a place for herself there. Unfortunately for her, and the rest of the town, local miners have pierced a cavern wall where an ancient evil was locked away and no one is safe.

Beneath the Pole written by Robert Dodrill

While studying a remote cave system in Greenland, a team of students and their faculty advisor stumble upon the fabled “North Pole Village” where they discover the remnants of advanced technology and the leftovers of a devastating attack by a vicious alien presence. There’s a reason this world was sealed off from the outside, and now they must find a way to reseal it before it’s too late.

Mr. Pest Control written by Jason Morillo

When a local exterminator’s own special pesticide is accidentally infected with a mutated algae from the local water supply, his entire town is put in danger. Between murderous giant insects and mutated humans, this guy’s plate is filling up fast. Can he stop them all before it’s too late?

Do Not Disturb Whatever is in Room 255 written by Jeremy Herbert

iHorror Film Festival Screenplay Submission

R.G. Marshal is a coupon magazine writer and paranormal investigator and she’s been called into the Poinciana Plaza Inn & Formerly Suites. It seems there’s a problem in Room 255. It’s the kind of problem that only someone like Marshal can fix.

Lapse written by Kate Harbert

Josh and Susan McNeal’s past is filled up by one dreadful secret, and that secret is out for revenge in this interesting quick thriller from Kate Harbert.

Nita written by Jessica McLaughlin

On the worst day of her life, a young African American woman in the 1970’s Southern USA must try to survive and escape when captured by two white men. The men’s plans for her are initially unclear, but grow increasingly more ominous and sinister as the day wears on.

Murphy’s Gulch written by Jeff Bassetti

At 13 year’s old, Murphy is already behind when he joins the local Boy Scout troop and convinces his mother to let him attend their annual summer camp. While there, he’s singled out by some of the older boys with tragic and terrifying results.

The Forest Boy written by Jason Morillo

Every day, an old man exiled in the forests of Cuba dreams of vengeance against his wife’s killer. While out one day, he discovers a boy with a tail. Could this creature be the one?


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