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Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson is known throughout the world as the ultimate Queen of Halloween. No words have ever been more true and the forever young beauty holds the title strong 30 years after the first appearance of the Elvira persona. Cassandra and her best friend, Robert Redding, came up with the sexy punk/vampire look back in the early 80’s after winning the role to bring back the show Fright Night, a local Los Angeles based television horror show that presented low-budget horror and science fiction films. Fright Night became Movie Macabre with the sexy new host and the rest is history. Elvira is one of the most recognizable horror icons today and has etched her place in horror history as a cult favorite and legend in her own right.

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During iHorror’s visit to the Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas, even with a hectic schedule, the iconic beauty stopped to answer a few questions from us. Here’s what the Mistress Of The Dark had to say about some of her influences and upcoming projects:

IH: Thank you for giving us some of your time to chat Miss Peterson! We’re honored.

CP: Oh thats sweet, you’re welcome!

IH: Miss Peterson, who is your all time favorite horror icon?

CP: Oh, I gotta say Vincent Price. I loved him as a child and I loved him as an adult. I met him, we became friends and he’s just the coolest guy I’ve ever met. I mean, to actually become friends with one of your childhood idols is just amazing! He’s the guy who really got me started into loving horror films. I saw the House On Haunted Hill when I was in the second grade, and I was just totally into it.

IH: Vincent is a beautiful man. Stellar icon and legend there. How about your favorite horror movie?

CP: Oh, I like the old bad movies!

IH: Yeah me too!

CP: I mean, the new movies… I don’t know. It’s just a different vibe ‘ya know? If I had to pick a favorite horror movie, I’d probably go with The House on Haunted Hill because it just means so much to me. The original of course not the remake. It kinda pisses me off that they are doing all these remakes now, because they are just not as good as the originals. I mean they’re even remaking Gremlins for Christ’s sake! Just leave them alone!


IH: I couldn’t agree with you more!

CP: I mean there’s a couple of scary movies coming out that sound interesting that have to do with technological stuff, it has to do with Facebook I think..

IH: Are you referring to Unfriended?

CP: Yes, that sounds right. I mean THAT sounds new and interesting. Kinda reminds me of The Blair Witch, low budget, a lot of imagination and sometimes that’s what works best.

IH: Indeed. All the flash and money in the world can’t save a bad film. Out of all the memorabilia you’ve ever been connected to with The Elvira character, which is your favorite? Is it still your pinball machine?

CP: It probably is my pinball machine. I just love it and it’s a shame pinball isn’t really a happening thing anymore. I must say tho I love my slot machines and I have a new slot machine coming out in 2016 so look out for that it’s going to be really awesome!


IH: Funny you say that, I play Elvira slots on my phone regularly. It’s my guilty pleasure darling.

CP: (laughing) Yes I love my virtual slots as well! I love gambling!


                                                                                                         Photo credit: Robert Winter

IH: Well, it is Vegas! Lastly, we will see any more Elvira movies?

CP: I’m not sure but I certainly hope so! With all the special effects now they could make me look 20 years old!

IH: You don’t need any of that. You look amazing!

CP: Thank you darling! I’m currently working to get Elvira into animation. I think an animated series is the way to go with her. To immortalize her.

In conclusion, as if I even needed to state it, Cassandra is a true beauty in and out and it was such a joy to chat it up with her at Wizard World. For the latest on Elvira, you can head over to her official website and check out 13 Nights Of Elvira on Hulu.

Unpleasant Dreams!

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