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Written by Patti Pauley

Earlier in July of this year, I was perusing my timeline on Facebook when one of those “sponsored ads” appeared out of nowhere as I was finishing taking a quiz about “what kind of pickle I would be”, (Admit you guys do it too when boredom strikes). You know those suggested pages that Facebook thinks that you may be interested in, when 90% of the time, they’re more of an annoyance than anything. However, this ad caught my wandering eye and my full attention with the wicked imagery that resided in it reminiscent of “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” illustrator, Stephen Gammell. My ghoulish spidey senses began to tingle, and proceeded to click on the link that directed me towards a page filled with exhilarating, dark as hell art and  tid-bits of fascinating stories that brought me back to “Scary Stories”. That page was the official FB home for up and coming book, “Nightmare Soup“.

I was immediately sucked in, and this captivating book containing 30 twisted tales from author Jake Tri, and illustrations that will haunt you in your sleep by Andy Sciazko, needed immediate attention in the horror community. Honestly, I felt like I would be offering a disservice to horror readers everywhere by keeping this gem a secret. So I was only happy to oblige by giving this Kickstarter a voice here on iHorror.

The Kickstarter ended with an overwhelming help of fan support for Tri and Sciazko’s book, and all pre-orders are ready to ship to anticipated readers on October 20th, 2016 when the tales of terror officially becomes available. As a thank you for all the love from “Nightmare Soup” fans who contributed to get the book in our hands in a timely manner, and those who act now on the pre-order (click here to snatch a copy) which ends on the 20th, you’ll get your book signed by both Tri and Sciazko along with a free digital copy of the twisted tales. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Author Jake Tri of “Nightmare Soup” to iHorror:

“Andy and I couldn’t be more excited to release the book, and we’re incredibly proud of how it has turned out. It’s got the undead, botflys, man-eating catfish, clowns, carnivorous sloths, the tongue-eating louse, tapeworm infestations, and much, much more. Our goal was to be as unique as possible while at the same time staying within the bounds of what inspired the project to begin with. We can’t wait for everyone to read it!”


While we’re all throwing fits of anxiety until we get this soon-to-be classic horror book in our possession, check out these EXCLUSIVE art from selected stories in the book that you’ll only see on iHorror!


“Don’t Mess With My Pumpkins”




“The Sloth”




“The Zoo”














“Monsters Aren’t Real”




“I Hate Clowns”




“The End”




Stunning artwork, am I right guys?! Pre-sales will stop on October 20th as the book officially becomes available. So if you want a signed copy, make sure you order before the 20th!