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iHorror Exclusive: First Look At Volumes Of Blood

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Written by Patti Pauley



In recent months, I came across a little gem entitled Volumes Of Blood that I heartily enjoyed to the fullest in my horror heart. Volumes, the brainchild of P.J. Starks, is a five story anthology within one film- with each story taken on by a different director is a breathe of fresh air to those clamouring for a unique Halloween horror. For more details on the movie itself, you can read my review right here on iHorror!


Volumes Of Blood made it’s shining debut at HorrorHound Weekend earlier this month right along side The Confession Of Fred Krueger– the fan film by Nathan Thomas Milliner, who also directed the “Encyclopedia Satanica” sequence in VOB. The film gained a great reception from viewers who attended the screening and is currently making the rounds at film festival circuits.


Starks has released an exclusive clip from the movie for iHorror’s readers to get you excited for the film when it’s ready to be ultimately unleashed to the world, and you should be damn well excited! As far as original ideas and a fresh Halloween horror film for the genre, this one is definitely one to look forward to. Check out the clip below and be on the lookout for screenings in your area!


[youtube id=”1Z1uilie0dM” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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