The fear of imperfection or the feeling of not being “good enough” is Atelophobia. I think it’s pretty safe to say all of us, unless you’re some sort of freak of nature, has experienced these feelings at least once in our lives. Joe Lujan brings these fears to life this year with his upcoming horror film AtelophobiaThis horror filled film has been three years in the making for Lujan and his crew, ironically all in the name of perfection.



From the production companies Carcass Studios and Dark Water Productions, the movie stars Brittany Enos, Allison Francheteau, Taylor Kilgore, Gabriella Martinez, Ashley Modzelewski and Corey Taylor in what almost feels like a brilliant mashup between SAW, Mean Girls and The Cell ( as Lujan puts it). Meredith is a girl who so desperately tries to fit in with the beautiful people. A group of beauty pagent girls that have been friends since they were kids. When her attempts fail, and the bullying laps over into adulthood from these girls, Meredith snaps and begins a terrifying life or death game with the girls who treated her so horribly. They must either kill themselves, or live their lives with some sort of “imperfection”.

Atelophobia still (5)

iHorror recently sat down with writer/ director Joe Lujan and actress Taylor Kilgore who plays “Riley” from the film at Countdown Escape Rooms Las Vegas, that we previously covered here; where you can experience the movie first hand in the form of an escape room. Lujan has put all his passion for horror, sweat and tears in this film over the last three years:

” I’ve built all the sets myself and made all the costumes. It’s a very visual and WEIRD movie. Even the crew who have been doing the editing have told me how insane the footage is. The goal is to depress. Not to impress.”

He added, ” Aside from the killing and torturing, a lot of this story has come from my personal experiences in high school. Every character in the film, is based off a real character I knew during my HS days. So in a way, this is my creative revenge.”


Taylor Kilgore on Atelophobia: ” We worked really hard, and it was a lot of fun. We would work really long days, some straight till 2am where we turned delirious and crazy, but it was a lot of fun. There was a scene where we were all tied up for 8 hours!”

When I asked how she would prepare herself for such scenes: “We were all shaking and crying by the time it was done. Those scenes require a lot of emotions. And it’s really intense. It was my first time actually crying on camera. I’m really proud of that. When I went home at the end of the day, I couldn’t even talk anymore. It had taken a lot out of me.”


The film was shot entirely in the Las Vegas area. Below is a few behind the scenes pictures provided exclusively to us at iHorror.

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Atelophobia still (4)


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Atelophobia will be released theatrically this summer (official date TBA) along with another of Lujan’s film called Rust in the fall. Rust is a short film turned horror flick based on true events in Texas with a Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to the film. The trailer for Atelophobia has already won an award for best trailer at The Pollygrind Film Festival last year. See for yourself below and be on the lookout for what looks to be one of this year’s most anticipated original horror films! So let’s have a standing ovation for some passion and originality. Because, with all these remakes coming at us, it’s a complete breath of fresh air.


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