Written by Patti Pauley

We’re about to be four episodes deep into possibly one of the most somber and compelling seasons of The Walking Dead to date and it doesn’t look like things are going to be “Easy Street” anytime soon for Rick and the gang. In tonight’s 90 minute season 7 episode 4 premiere entitled ‘Service’, Negan makes his way to Alexandria with the intention of taking whatever he damn well pleases from the group. This is the first time the gang, who is still grieving from the brutal losses of both Abraham and Glenn, encounter their new dictator. The promo for episode four (shown below) showcases Daryl in tow along with the saviors into Alexandria; also being the first time since he has seen his comrades since his imprisonment. Rumors are swirling that this being a lengthened episode, that we may be saying our goodbyes to another cast member. Well, I can’t say for certain I know that to be a fact. However, an inside source close with the actors on AMC’s hit show exclusively told iHorror to “get ready to fucken hate Daryl this season.”




Although not official, this inside source who has been spot on with me personally about future happenings within the series, including the deaths of Abraham and Glenn, recently let me in on how Norman Reedus’ beloved character┬áDaryl Dixon “will eventually turn to the darkside and become one of the show’s most hated characters.”

That would be quite a mind fuck for fans of the motorcycle riding fan favorite of the series, if this indeed comes to pass.

In last weeks episode “Easy Street”, we saw Negan attempting to slowly break Daryl with dog food sandwiches and the looping of possibly one of the most annoying songs I’ve ever heard. Seriously, anyone could snap even after one listen. Even with an attempted escape, basically telling Negan to his face to go “fuck himself” by refusing to call himself the latter, and a serious ass-whoopin’; Daryl hasn’t faltered. That is until a picture of what was presumably his old buddy Glenn and the aftermath of his encounter with Lucille, was thrown in his cell with him to contemplate over. This is when we see ┬áDaryl break down in tears alongside (thank fucks) a different track courtesy of Roy Orbison. He does believe in a sense, that he is absolutely responsible for Glenn’s horrifying death. As cleverly pointed out by iHorror’s father Anthony Pernicka, Daryl’s wounds may even signify his fate: “I think the wound on Daryl’s back… and the shirt cut in a line with tape down the center of his back is symbolic of Daryl losing his wings. Being caged and turning.”



So is it really that hard to fathom Daryl making a huge transition from hero to villain? Dwight was in his shoes once before, and look where he’s at. This little insider tidbit, although not officially confirmed by anyone over by AMC, may not happen tonight or even in the first half of the season. However whether it’s true or not, I think by the end of season 7, we’re going to see a very different Dixon than what we are used to. Stranger things have happened this year. Just look at the 2016 election.