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iHorror Award Panel Selections

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Best Horror Indie Film

To vote in the 2017 iHorror Awards: Click Here

Deathhouse – B. Harrison Smith

The Lurking Man – Maritza Brikisak

The Hag Stone – Malachi Cull

The Barn – Justin Seaman

Easter Sunday – Jason Delgado

The KAOS Brief – JP Mandarino

Don’t F#@K In The Woods – Shawn Burkett

HEAD – Chris Gierowski

Braxton – Leo McGuigan

The Z Effect – Andew Rumore

Shortwave – Ryan Phillips

Who’s Watching Oliver – Raimund Huber

Trinity – Skip Shea

Customer 152 – Jonathan Holbrook

The Stream – Cynthia Bergen

BETHANY – James Bressack

Krampus 2: The Devil Returns

Hadron – Jeffrey Moore

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