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iHorror Announces Month-Long LGBTQ Horror Pride Celebration for June

by Waylon Jordan

Hey horror fans, as many of you know, June is Pride Month here in the States (regardless of what the current Administration thinks) and we here at iHorror have something special planned.

Starting June 1st, in addition to our normal horror news coverage, we’ll also be running a series of articles celebrating the LGBTQ community and their involvement in helping make the genre great.

It’s called Horror Pride Month and we’re excited to share some really spectacular content with you.

iHorror CEO, Anthony Pernicka had this to say when asked why he thought a series like this was important:

“It feels like we’re sending a message to a younger me: that quiet, uncomfortable, gay kid that never felt like he was a part of the crowd. It’s a chance to give him comfort. That kid was drawn to horror because in a way horror represents how he feels. It’s dark, non-conforming, the rebel of the entertainment world. However, sometimes it felt like even in the horror genre he had to hide. Horror can be so hyper masculine and so filled with T&A. It seems like guys watching movies act extra masculine in the face of confronting something that scares them. This energy can make a gay horror fan feel like an outsider in a genre that is supposed to welcome outsiders. That’s why having a series like this is so important. It shines a light on the gay community that loves horror and that is adding value to the genre. It lets that outsider know that they’re accepted in this club. In horror, all the rebels have a home.”

For those who don’t realize it, the queer community has been involved in horror filmmaking from the beginning.

Take for instance James Whale. The director of horror classics like FrankensteinBride of Frankenstein, and The Invisible Man, was himself a gay man who lived his live in the open, something unheard of in the early part of the 20th Century when it was still illegal to BE a gay man.

Though his life ended tragically by suicide, Whale left behind a legacy of films that are still counted among the greatest ever made in the genre.

Whale is only one of the many writers, directors, actors, authors, films, etc. who will be given the spotlight during Horror Pride Month. We’ll be bringing you a host of interviews with many of these talented artists while also discussing issues of visibility in mainstream horror releases as well as the filmmakers who are getting things right with representation.

If this series had a mission statement, it would be this: To shed light on the significant and continued contributions of the LGBTQ community to the horror genre while simultaneously letting all those young horror fans who might be just coming out that they’re not alone in this world. To echo the sentiments of our CEO, there’s a whole world of queer horror fans and creators out there, and you have a home here at iHorror.

So, for all our fans in the LGBTQ community AND our straight allies, stay tuned! Horror Pride Month is going to be one bloody good time!

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