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This past week, we’ve gotten an update on one of Stranger Things’ biggest injustice: Barb.

Barb, innocent, sweet Barb, was an undeserving casualty during the first season of the series. And yet, when everyone else seemed to get closure, the poor girl got none. Nothing. Well, except if you count an image of her dead body with a slug coming out of her mouth closure…but if that’s the case, buddy, you’re on the wrong team.

She’s not coming back, so if that’s what you’re thinking, don’t get your hopes up. Though the show has many references to D & D, it’s not a role-playing fantasy adventure and no wizard is going to summon her back to life. At the very least, though, we will get the respect she deserves.

Shawn Levy, an executive producer on the show, made that perfectly clear during an interview with Variety in this video below.


Ever since the Golden Globes where she’s in the opening, everyone’s like, ‘so she’s alive’? And the Duffers and I are like — she’s dead. We saw a slug coming out of her throat, there’s no coming back from that. But I will say her memory and the search for justice for her is a part of Season 2.

How will this play out? A funeral? A town search party by those who don’t know about the Upside Down to find out who killed her? Will the town turn against each other because of conflicts about the cause of her death?

Eh, probably not. I’ll be honest, I think we will most likely get a funeral or a flashback and that’s about it. The world has not been particularly kind to Barb. Until then, we will keep on wondering.

But what do you think? Is Levy just saying this to appease the Barb fans and not seem insensitive, or does he really mean it? Do you even care about seeing justice for the character…or are you one of those people with a super morbid sense of humor and would like to see even more “justice for Barb” memes? Let me know.

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