Iconic Horror Homes. Could Yours Be Next?

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Over the years we identify and recognize our horror films by the actors and actresses that portray our heroes and villains, but what about some of the iconic homes featured in our favorite horror films? I believe the house is as much of a character in a horror movie than the monsters, spirits, and slashers that we have all come to love. A home serves more than just the backdrop of a horror film; the house is almost a breathing, living character.

We often spout out about our experiences meeting an actor or actress involved in horror, but what about an actual home? Do you remember your first time? I sure as hell do. It happened about a decade ago…

It was a brisk early October morning, around two am. A friend and I had just experienced one of the scariest events in Southern California, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and we were exhausted. As we treaded down the Hollywood freeway my friend leans into me, “Alright, you ready?” I shuddered, “Ready for what? Dude I’m done, I’m spent, let’s head the hell back home.” My friend replied with grave persistence, “Nope, I got something I need to show you.” I just sat there speechless, peering out the passenger window, just wanting to go home and rest my head on that soft pillow. I must have dozed off for a little bit, as I awoke we were slowly gliding down a dark street, very unfamiliar to me, I immediately perched up, and glared out the window, wondering where we were. The narrow road flourished with trees; many still had their leaves intact. We eventually came to a stop, and there she was in all her glory 1428 North Genesee Avenue, Nancy Thompson’s home from Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street. My heart began to throb, and I had this nervousness that sprung from the pit of my stomach, a warm sensation came over me, I stood in front of a home featured in my favorite horror film, something I grew up with, watching, and that was my first time.

Now let’s take a look at some famous homes used in horror films and then we’ll tell you how your very own home can star in a horror film.



A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Courtesy of Palumbo Photography.

Halloween (1978) “The Doyle House” Courtesy of Palumbo Photography

House (1985) Courtesy of Cultofweird.com

House II: The Second Story (1985) Courtesy of Discoverlosangeles.com

Insidious (2011) Courtesy of Pinterest.com

The Amityville Horror (1978) Courtesy of Amityvillereborn.wordpress.com

Poltergeist (1982) “The Freeling House” Courtesy of Pinterest.com


Southern California Filmmaking Team Possibly Looking For Your Home!

Well, if you’re in the southern California area here is a unique opportunity for your home to be featured in a new supernatural thriller, a Horror fan’s dream come true! This project HAS recognizable names and faces that you will know. This is a supernatural feature that is looking for a private home in Los Angeles or Ventura County. The feature is currently slated to start filming on Monday, June 18th, 2018 and will commence on July 5, 2018. The location will be used for the first 13 days of filming.

What the production is looking for:

• The story centers around a surviving family member who abandoned the family home after a tragedy in the 70s (so anything more modern will not work). Production is seeking a home that is very private/remote (ie in the woods, surrounded by woods, far down a dirt road, etc.).
• Must have two floors and min of 3 bedrooms.
• A cellar/attic or separate enclosed structure on the property is a plus (but not a deal breaker)
• The larger the lot of land its on – the better.

If you’re interested email all your inquiries, description (with photos of interior and exterior to: [email protected]

There are some fantastic perks and compensation associated with your home starring in a film! You never know, someday it may make our list of famous horror homes!

Until next time, #StayScary!





  • Featured Image – Monster House Courtesy of Amblin Entertainment.
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