Written by Brian Linsky

I was a Teenage Wereskunk is a 2016 horror / comedy that reeks of vintage soda shops,  school letterman jackets, and of course, Wereskunks.

Starring Scott Monahan as Curtis Albright, I was a Teenage Wereskunk pays homage to the classic monster flicks of the 50’s and 60’s, but with a whimsical twist to the traditional format.

If the movie Teen Wolf was bloodier, cruder, and cloned with a skunk… I was a Teenage Wereskunk would be the bastard child born as a result.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk

The retro-style story opens with the crooning of the title theme song, and young lovers Sally and Jerry sitting in their parked car.

When Jerry exits the vehicle at Sally’s request to examine a strange noise outside, he’s viciously decapitated by the Wereskunk, who also tears into Sally as well.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk
Sally and Jerry appear in I was a Teenage Wereskunk

The film then chronologically leaps to the day before, where gawky-eyed teens sit around the ice cream shop sipping on malted shakes and talking about life.

It’s here we first meet Curtis Albright, a clean cut typical teenager, who also happens to be the son of the local Sheriff.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk
Scott Monahan plays Curtis Albright, the lead role in I was a Teenage Wereskunk

Curtis has got his eye on a girl named Mary Beth Pruitt, who’s portrayed by Shey Lyn Zanotti. The two of them have a close friendship, but Curtis hopes to soon take their complicated relationship to the next level.

After walking Mary Beth home one night, Curtis takes a detour which leads to him being sprayed by a skunk. He doesn’t know it at the time, but the encounter will forever change Curtis’ life.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk
Curtis begins to change into the Wereskunk

When Curtis eventually transforms fully into the Wereskunk, we’re taken back to the location of Sally and Jerry’s bloody car, and police are now on the scene.

The wereskunk is more mischievous than murderous at times, but still serves up a respectable amount of carnage while on the run.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk

Curtis must keep the Wereskunk at bay while trying to pursue a relationship with Mary Beth, but he’ll also need to avoid the authorities, and his father’s suspicions in the process.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk
Mary Beth and Sheriff Albright appear in I was a Teenage Wereskunk

Once the Wereskunk’s attacks start becoming more frequent and violent, things really get hairy for Curtis.

Now bodies are beginning to pile up, and even Charles Manson has advice for Curtis along the way, but the cops are hot on his tail and the Wereskunk won’t go down without a fight in this satirical thriller.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk
I was a Teenage Wereskunk

I was a Teenage Wereskunk makes numerous references to the present day, citing things like Harry Potter, Google, and texting,… things which did not yet exist in this era, but this is just another example of the film intentionally mocking itself for the sake of a laugh.

If you’re looking for more of a clever comedy than a conventional horror flick, but still have an appetite for bloodshed, then I was a Teenage Wereskunk is certainly worth a sniff.

You can buy this film on DVD, get it through Amazon, or stream it on demand at iBleedindie.com.