Human Face Pot Pies Are Ghastly and Truly Unnerving

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Some people love cake, some people love pie. I happen to love both, but I’m angling a little toward Ashley Newman’s homemade pot pies at the moment, and I think you will too after seeing what she makes them out of.

Ashley owns the Etsy shop It Came From Under My Bed where she sells everything from severed tongue necklaces to “fidget nipples” to detached penis amulets (yes, you heard that right).

Horror lovers and collectors give her great reviews across the board and she sells out of a lot of her stuff. But maybe the creepiest among her wares should be added to the pages of the “How to Serve Man” cookbook. They are the “People Pot Pie” collection and lovers of the macabre are gobbling them up.

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Posted by It Came From Under My Bed on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ashley says she got her admiration for horror when she was 19 while acting with her then-boyfriend on a Halloween haunted trail. It wasn’t the performance art that she liked so much as the ideas she would come up with and the props she would make.

She says that boyfriend eventually became her husband and recently their two kids wanted to reignite the haunted trail idea. She tapped into the motivation that inspired her the first time around.

“I loved pushing myself to make better and creepier props,” writes Ashley on her Etsy site, adding that she discovered she was good at clay and latex. “It isn’t a cheap medium to work with though so I decided I could easily make duplicates of my props and sell them to other Horror fanatics.”

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Her Pot Pie Faces are not edible; they are made out of latex and foam. They can be customized upon request and will put you back about $30, but can you imagine the look on grandma’s face at Thanksgiving dinner?

“I don’t put up a new product until I’m happy with it,” Ashley writes. “So as time goes on you will begin to see more items available. I love to listen to requests and see them as a chance for growth. If I think I can do it for you I will. I have a wonderful little corner of my shed dedicated to my horror prop making, but I store everything indoors in a cool dry location under my bed.”

These realistic looking “pastries” might be the perfect decoration for those who go the extra mile during Halloween or maybe just as a gift for the culinary horror collector. For me, I’m heading over to her store to consider putting that fidget toy made from a severed nipple in my cart.

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