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‘Human Centipede’ Gummies Are Pure Sugary Gross Outs

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Dr. Heiter, played all to perfectly by Dieter Laser, would be very into this gummy. The mad doctor from The Human Centipede was a huge advocate of the distasteful and boy is this candy up his alley.

The humans over at Unnecessary Inventions have gone and made a gross out gummy for the ages. In the video, an all to keen focus is taken on creating a gummy that resembles Dr. Heiter’s ‘first sequence’ from the 2006 Tom Six directed The Human Centipede.


The video posted below walks you through the process of how exactly a Human Centipede based gummy is made. Everything from inception to the 3D printed mold is explored in detail.

The Human Centipede followed two unfortunate women whose  car breaks in the middle of nowhere. When they attempt to get an assist from a nearby house, they are introduced to the mad Dr. Heiter and are suddenly the victims of an experiment that has a very bitter end.

These gummies are not something we would have thought we needed, but now we almost require them. They would be super swell for horror movie nights or a possibly suspect Halloween party.

Any Human Centipede fans in here? Let us know in the comments section.


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