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Hubby Dressed as Michael Myers And Did the Famous Yard Stare For Halloween

by Timothy Rawles

Halloween has been over for a while, but there was one amusing story about an Indiana family we thought you might like to hear about.

Sabrina Zimmerman has come to expect that her husband Evan, 36, is going to go all-out for Halloween, and 2019 was no different. You see, Evan loves Michael Myers from Halloween and he uses that admiration to creep people out around his neighborhood every year.

“There’s something about Michael with the white face and the way he walks,” Evan told TODAY Parents. “He creeps people out more than anybody.”

This year Sabrina decided to document her husband’s antics for the first time and share it on social media. In a video that has been viewed millions of times, Evan can be seen hauling around a baby skeleton on the back of a bicycle, dressed as the coveralled killer.


In the video she asks, “what the hell are you doing? Are we those people now?”

Sabrina jokingly says she’s having him committed if he doesn’t get home, but that threat falls on deaf ears as Evan rides off into the opposite direction.

The funny story caught the attention of national media and Evan told TODAY Parents he’s been dressing as Michael for seven years, but this is the first time his wife recorded him.

Evan is in the U.S. Air Force and the couple have three sons.

Even the Decatur police are alerted to his antics and disregard any sightings of Michael Myers in the area during Halloween time.

“I’ll stand in random people’s yards and look at them through the window until they notice me standing there,” Evan revealed. “I carry a fake butcher knife.”

For the first time last month one resident threatened to shoot him, but they both walked away without incident.

Sacring elderly people is not his thing, Evan targets children instead.

“A lot of the children want their picture with me. Not all of them, but a majority do,” Evan said. “I get a lot of requests from parents wanting me to scare their kids.”

Sabrina is always stressed this time of year because she fears her husband is going to get hurt.

“She always talks about how I give her anxiety,” he said. “But in reality she loves that I do this.”

Source: Today.com

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