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This weekend marks the hotly-anticipated release of Mad Max: Fury Road, which promises to be THE action event of the year. It’s the fourth installment in George Miller’s Aussie franchise, which kicked off way back in 1979 with Mel Gibson and Mad Max.

Gibson played policeman Max Rockatansky in the classic film, who sets out to avenge the murder of his young son – and maiming of his wife. At the end of the film he finally catches up with one of the men responsible, and oh boy does he get his revenge.

After running him off the road, Max shackles the man’s leg to his wrecked car, which is leaking gasoline. He sparks a flame nearby and hands the man a hacksaw, telling him that he won’t have time to cut through the chain and escape the impending explosion – but if he’s lucky, he can cut through his foot in time.


It’s a totally badass moment that reflects just how ‘mad’ Max has become, in the wake of the biker gang’s attack on his wife and son. And it’s also a moment that directly led to the creation of one of the most popular horror franchises of all time.

Saw creators Leigh Whannell and James Wan, who both spent their childhoods in Australia (Whannell was born there, while Wan moved there), are big fans of the Mad Max franchise, and it was the crude trap that Max set at the end of the original film that they credit for inspiring Saw.

Of course, Saw is a franchise entirely based on traps designed to test the human will to survive, but it’s in the first film that the inspiration is clear. The two main characters are shackled to pipes in a bathroom, by their feet, and in one highly memorable moment they realize that the villain provided hacksaws so that they could cut through their feet – rather than the chains.

So while you’re enjoying Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend, be sure to thank series creator George Miller for inspiring the Saw franchise – or curse him for it, if those movies weren’t quite your cup of tea. Either way, we’re pretty sure you’re going to LOVE Fury Road!