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The HOUNDS OF LOVE Trailer Gives You A Taste Of The Depravity Headed Your Way

by Trey Hilburn III

This year I was able to check out Hounds of Love at SXSW. This Aussie film is entirely brilliant and brutal. It is going to take a miracle to remove it from my best of list for the year and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out.

The story follows a lovesick, demented couple who preys on the young in order to satisfy their affliction. When these two abduct a young girl named Vicki and the dynamic begins to shift, it puts the couple’s relationship to the test, while young Vicki does her best to escape before it’s too late.

The couple played by Emma Booth and Stephen Curry do spellbinding work, that rearranges genre markers and manages to create an all new and terrifying experience.

This film will really get under your skin, it will wrap itself around your nerves. I’m not easily shaken when it comes to films and in some ways, I have become a bit jaded over time, but this film managed to get to me. Let’s just say that my hands were shaking when I walked out of the theater. Director, Ben Young is the real deal and chips away at the audience with expert timing and without any remorse. I’m excited to see what this guy does next.

The trailer gives you a tiny look at what Hounds of Love is without getting into spoilery territory. It is one of those trailers that outlines what needs to be outlined but doesn’t fully show exactly how far down the rabbit hole this one takes you.

Hounds of Love will take your emotional state to pieces when it hits select theaters and VOD on May 12.

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