Hot Topic Releases ‘The Craft’ Inspired Clothing Line

More than two decades ago The Craft casted a spell on young audiences.  Finally there was a movie for us “weirdos.”  Now, with the reboot in the works, Hot Topic has taken the opportunity to launch a clothing and accessory line for the witch in us tall.

Hot Topic took this line a step further rather than just releasing t-shirts with images and quotes from the movie.  Not to say you can’t buy a shirt featuring the fan favorite line, ‘We Are the Weirdos Mister.’  They do have that!  Yet the store that embraces everything on the dark side of pop culture has also created looks based on the movie’s wardrobe.

The line embraces pentagrams, the five pointed star strongly associated with Wiccans, as well as crosses and snakes!

This line features two items inspired by the Invocation of the Spirit, the spell book used in the movie by the girls.  Using this book, Hot Topic has created a body bag as well as a matching book wallet!  But be careful, both of these accessories have the spell to invoke the spirit on them.

One of the most beautiful items is the rosary necklace that you can pair with two of the exclusive tops in the line; a button down white blouse with pentagrams on the collar, as well as a black crop top featuring an array of crosses.

To complete the look, Hot Topic offers an adorable suspender skirt accented with a pentagram in the front left corner.  Around the waist band it reads “I drink of my sisters.”

If skirts aren’t your style, Hot Topic has you covered with a pair of leggings featuring an array of crosses up and down your legs!

Lastly, for the Nancy in all of us, Hot Topic offers a replica of her shiny black trench coat.  Inside the lining is decorated with snakes.  In addition, the logo from the movie is stamped on each of the three buttons, one at the waist and one along each wrist.

Whether you’re going back to school, want to make a statement at the club, or just need something cute to wear, The Craft inspired line has something witchy for all of us!

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